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Seminars with GAIL SCOTT & CO. will be personally tailored for you and your organization's needs. Everything from two-day and weekend workshops to a luncheon program in seminar style are possible. Seminars can also be included as part of a convention or conference. Highly successful seminars with active audience participation can be created for several hundred participants or five or six participants.

Several seminars are listed below.

Since each and every seminar is carefully planned for your audience with their needs and style in mind, seminar titles themselves can be changed. For example, Sound As Good As You Look™, Ms. Scott's popular seminar for Executive Women, can become, Sound As Good As You Are for mixed groups or professional men's groups. Everything from Sound As Good As You Want to Be for those graduates job hunting to Sound As Good As You Cook for chefs who are interested in becoming celebrities themselves is possible.

We welcome your inquiries about our seminars, Ms. Scott's availability and fee schedule.

Sound As Good As You Look™

"We are all judged everyday, all day long, on the way we present ourselves: with each phone call, by our voice mail and every time we stand up in front of others."

-- Gail Scott

The ability to say exactly what you mean, with the precise tone that's appropriate for that particular audience, is the ultimate tool for breaking through the glass ceiling. Gail Scott's experience in broadcast and print journalism, marketing and public relations inspired her to formulate her communication methods into this life-changing seminar for executive women. She will share her secrets for strengthening your basic verbal skills and create your very own "magic for your message."

Here's How It's Done In Washington!

For all newcomers, whether you are from another country or another part of the United States, this is for you. This seminar will help you understand and navigate Washington's unique professional and social environment. Be a success here faster with immediate help from a Washington native who knows power: how to get it and keep it.

This seminar will be tailored for your special needs whether you are a diplomat, foreign executive or transplanted American. Ms. Scott also advises spouses, both male and female, when they arrive and need to discover how to be successful and happy in Washington.

Speaking Like A Senior Partner

"In today's competitive marketplace, it's not enough to 'think like a lawyer,' have top grades and have been on The Law Review. As a young professional, you must produce and show your firm how valuable you are every day. Being able to tailor your presentations, both written and spoken, makes you a critical player at the office."

--Gail Scott

Impressive law students are hired to one day become Washington's top "Power Brokers." Why wait and worry if you will make "the grade" or make partner some day. Start now perfecting your presentation style and everyday office speaking and writing skills.

Gail Scott, Georgetown author and broadcast journalist, has helped law school stars realize their dreams in the everyday professional world where how you speak often makes or breaks the deal.

For more than twenty years, Ms. Scott has been the private presentation coach to top American CEO's and foreign ambassadors. Now you can learn the same techniques they do to perfect your speaking skills.

Making Yourself & Your Company Sound Wonderful
On the Phone

The telephone -- whether its your office speaker phone or your new global cell phone -- can be your best marketing tool. But, used incorrectly, it can be the #1 reason why you and your company are not succeeding in today's competitive marketplace.

With Gail Scott, discover how enhanced speaking skills and tested telephone techniques can make the difference for you and your company. Whether you are calling around the corner, across the country or around the globe, Ms. Scott will help you and your company create a warm but professional telephone voice and style that will ensure you success.

Washington, D.C.'s first solo TV anchorwoman says that, "The way you answer the phone, even the sound of your voice mail, can be a 'verbal' brochure and warm 'welcome mat' that exudes confidence and expertise. Or, your phone voice can be a total turn-off to your clients and customers and you may never
know they even called.

This training is particularly useful for companies who conduct more business on the phone than face-to-face and where the velvet voice of yesterday's gracious receptionist has been replaced with voice mail.

How to Get the Job You Want/Getting the Job You Want

Getting the job you want is harder than ever. The waffling economy and stiff competition are forcing many to accept jobs they never thought they would even consider.

A sure way to beat the competition is to polish your verbal skills with the expert.

"Whether you are trying to get in the door or break through the 'glass ceiling,' being able to say just the right thing, at that particular moment, to that one person or particular group so that they can hear you and remember you is "the ultimate tool" for getting the job you want. "

--Gail Scott

An impressive resume and great recommendations are often not enough to beat the competition. Today, more than ever, you are expected "to think on your feet" and glide through numerous interviews before you even make "the short list." Knowing how to win people's confidence without seeming glib or "talking too much" will give you the advantage you need.



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