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"Gail has worked with us over the past 10 years in providing media training for our officers and others spokespeople. During this period the American Society for Microbiology has been in the national spotlight on many significant issues, and Gail's coaching of our leaders is one of the primary reasons the ASM is one of the most authoritative voices in the sciences today. Our leadership always look forward to working with her and often turn to her for additional media training and support."

Barbara Hyde
Director, Communications
American Society for Microbiology
Washington, D.C.


"We live in an information age where the person who possesses the best communication and presentation skills with the media or general public is likely to make the biggest impact…The training you provided was superb. Your intuition in knowing which person to challenge and which person needs more support is admirable…Without exception…each director mentioned the quality of the training…We look forward to working with you in the future."

Maria Garza-Lubeck
MGSSPI Director
Council of Chief State School Officers, Washington, DC


"Your session…on interviewing techniques was masterful and effective. I have seen a significant difference in the students' demeanor since the session…Quite a number of them have commented to me on how your presentation had opened their eyes to the nuances of the interviewing process and provided them with a viable strategy for approaching prospective employers…I suspect that when the dust clears we will find that a not insignificant number of students will have jobs they would not have had were it not for your help."

William H. Adams, III
George Mason University Foundation
Professor of Law


"We had many extremely complimentary comments about Ms. Scott's presentation, and many of the men and women attending her hour long program recommended that the American Urological Association repeat this program at future meetings."

Harry C. Miller, M.D.
Chairman and Professor, Department of Urology
The George Washington University Medical Center, Washington D.C.


"It was spectacular to watch you do your thing…The media tour will be much more effective as a result of your fine touch (and toughness!) Thank you for that contribution to the cause."

Ginna Sulcer
Deputy Director
The Media-Advertising Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Inc.
New York, NY


"Given the complexities and dynamics of healthcare today, a media trainer must understand the industry to be effective. You accomplish this in spades…Our clients all report an increased confidence and understanding of the news media as a result of the training. We view this as crucial to the success of their communications programs."

Nancy Hicks, Senior Vice President
Hill and Knowlton, Inc
International Public Relations Counsel
Atlanta, Georgia


"I just returned from the National Press Club where I presented a short lecture and then had over an hour of media questions…It was the first 'true exposure' I've had to the media since our training session…Many, many thanks! I reviewed my notes and training manual the preceding night and went down there the next morning ready for action…I think you would have been pleased. Thanks for the education."

Mark R. Hughes, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, Georgetown University
Chief, Reproductive and Prenatal Genetics
National Center for Human Genome Research
Department of Health & Human Services


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